About Us

Caseperience captures the uniqueness of your world

We look around and see everyone wearing the same kind of shoes, T-shirts, shirts, and jeans. Everyone sports the same hairstyle, piercing at the same spot, we see the same posts on Facebook and Instagram. Once a new challenge starts, everyone participates in this very same challenge.

But we are not indistinguishable like ants or bees. We are humans. We do differ. Our personalities, values, points of views, understanding of the world around us, styles, likings, taste, and most importantly, opinions make us close friends or fierce adversaries. 

Why be a part of the crowd? why conform to the same style? why bore the audience with the same pictures? why dress as if someone prescribed the uniform? Are we really the sheep the powerful want us to believe or are we different after all? Make a statement. show your uniqueness. 

In Caseperience we see the individual, not the masses. We enable you to make a point, to shine, to catch attention. We protect what you can't live without and we do it in a way that draws gazes.

A word from our CEO: 

For a long time, Shams Al Asha has been blaming his race, country of origin, and nationality, for his life not unfolding according to a fairy tale script.

Then an idea struck him. What if he could distance himself from it all. What if it was up to him to decide whether he wanted to conform to the popular stereotype or whether he wanted to jump outside the box, to learn whatever he had to learn and do whatever he had to do to eventually become the Founder & CEO of Caseperience? 

Realizing his own uniqueness, he now wants to bring the joy he experiences sticking out from the crowd every day with the rest of the world. 

Caseperience complies with the highest standard of customer experience so that the individual's value is respected, appreciated and celebrated through the unique product made by you and only delivered by us. At Caseperience, you are the literal focus of our attention. Once acknowledged, this attention has the ripple effect through your universe, announcing your special presence. There are many companies who state they care. Caseperience actually provides tangible proof instead of words.


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